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    Ford Transit Mid Roof 2 TV Specification & Rate

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    Model : Ford Transit Mid Roof 2 TV
    Seating Capacity : 3 Seater
    Fuel Type : Diesel
    Auto/Manual : Auto
    Rate 1 : $110 per day incl 10% GST + 100 Kms/day allowance based on a daily rate
    Rate 2 : $440 per week incl 10% GST + 1000 Kms/week allowance based on minimum 3 months contract
    Rate 3 : $420 per week incl 10% GST + 1000 Kms/week allowance based on minimum 6 months contract

    Why Do You Need Ford Transit Medium Roof?

    Ford Transit is the most popular passenger car in Australia and Ford itself has its own manufacturing plant in Melbourne, which is why so many Ford Transit owners are Australian. However, to drive around Melbourne you need to own a Ford Transit, so Ford Transit owners have two options when it comes to renting or buying a Ford Transit. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and are looking for a new car then you can either buy a Ford Transit or rent one. Here is some more information on Ford Transit’s two different models in Australia.

    Types of Ford Transit Roof

    • Ford Transit Low Roof: The Ford Transit Low Roof is one of the most popular Ford Transit sedans in the world. This model offers both rear and side door entry, providing easy access to the vehicle from both directions. The Ford Transit Low Roof is one of Ford’s smallest passenger cars, but at only 150 litres it still manages to pack a punch. Ford Transit Low Roof on rent has many of the same benefits as the standard Ford Transit, such as the dual-zone driver seats, front airbags, and side curtain airbags. Ford Transit Low Roof on sale can also be equipped with Ford Transit Powertrain, providing an even higher level of quality than with the other models.
    • Ford Transit Medium Roof: The Ford Transit Medium Roof is the largest of the Ford Transit models. With a height of 17 inches, the Ford Transit Medium Roof is one of the largest vans manufactured by Ford. Though it is large, it is well equipped with a host of features and safety features, including side curtain airbags, front and rear-seat side airbags, seat belts, stability control, and electronic stability assist. For safety reasons, the Ford Transit also offers front and rear seat side curtain airbags. For the older model Ford Transit, this model is also equipped with a Ford Transit powertrain, which helps in improving fuel economy.
    • Ford Transit Van: The Ford Transit offers a versatile van with four doors and a capacity of up to eleven passengers. The Ford Transit is ideal for hauling cargo of all sizes, though small to medium-sized cargo are best handled by the smaller models. The Ford Transit, despite being small, is quite powerful and comfortable. Some of the models offer a powertrain that will allow the driver to shift into sport mode easily, allowing for easy handling of off-road obstacles.
    • Ford Transit Roof: Though small in size, the Ford Transit roof offers a great deal of cargo space. With a floor area that is larger than most sedans, the roof also offers more legroom. Even though the roof is small, it still has a great view, thanks to its wide-view area. The Ford Transit also has good storage space under the roof. It is easy to get into the van and out with ease, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized hauls.
    • Ford Transit Cab: The Ford Transit Cab offers a nice mix of size and versatility. Though the cab is small, at just over 11 feet long, it can easily fit several passengers. It is also quite roomy inside, with plenty of interior room to comfortably seat five or six people. Despite being small, the Ford Transit Cab still offers all the functionality you would expect from a mid-size sedan.
    • Ford Transit Coupe: Perhaps one of the most well-liked versions of the Ford Transit, the coupe model features a sleek design as well as ample cargo space. It’s also a good fit for any family, as the overall size isn’t too big and neither is the interior. The Ford Transit Coupe models are well built and have a reputation for being reliable and durable. In addition, they are inexpensive and easily repaired when needed.
    • Ford Transit Low Roof: The Ford Transit Low Roof offers a unique take on an otherwise traditional van. Rather than carrying a tall roof or one that hangs down, this version has a low roof that fits neatly below the long curbs. This roof design is both roomy and aerodynamic and helps the van to get a low profile. Though not quite as large as the models listed above, the Ford Transit Low Roof still has plenty of storage room and a well designed overall appearance.

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