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    Ferrari Portofino M Specification & Rent Rates

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    Model : Brand New Ferrari Portofino M (2 Doors Convertible)
    Seating Capacity : 4 seats
    Fuel Type : Petrol
    Auto/Manual : Auto

    Luxury Car Ferrari: Rental Rates:

    Rate 1 : $3300 per day including 10 % GST + 150 Kms/day allowance based on a daily rate
    Rate 2 : $2300 per day including 10 % GST + 600 Kms allowance based on a minimum of 4 days rental
    Rate 3 : $2000 per day including 10 % GST + 900 Kms allowance based on a minimum of 5+ days rental


    • Extra km charge $12.50/km incl GST per Km.
    • Accident Excess is $10000 for age over 30 yrs old Australian license, Excess is $12000 for international License/License Holder Over 30 yrs old.
    • Charges will be different for interstate driving trips.
    • A $10000 refundable bond is required if you are over 30 with a full unrestricted Australian Licence.

    Please call us for more details.

    Ferrari Portofino M Hire Melbourne

    Ferrari has unveiled a new GT model in the 2021 Portofino M, a so-called “evolution” of the Italian marque’s existing entry-level, hardtop convertible, the Portofino. The ‘M’ in the model’s name stands for ‘Modificata’ or ‘modified’, a designation used by Ferrari to highlight cars that have received an injection of technological innovation.

    The styling of the car is largely evolutionary, Ferrari declaring that design should serve a function and that the function in question is performance and entertainment.

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    Ferrari Portofino M


    The Ferrari Portofino M is an evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. It was named after Modificata’s legendary ‘M’ suffix. The Prancing Horse 2+ spider has a host of new designs and technical features. It includes an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a 5-position Manettino. This is a first in a Ferrari GT convertible. Each drive in the Ferrari Portofino M offers a new adventure in discovery.

    The Ferrari Portofino M’s 3855cc engine has something very interesting.


    The Ferrari Portofino M’s 3855cc engine is part of the V8 turbo family. It has been named the “International Engine of the Year” three times (2016-2019). At 7,500 RPM, the engine produces 620cv. This is 20 cv higher than the Ferrari Portofino. Ferrari engineers created new cam profiles to improve valve lift and optimize combustion chamber filling to achieve these performance levels.

    The turbocharger assembly also had a speed sensor to measure the turbine revolutions. The turbine’s maximum revolutions per hour were increased to 5,000 rpm.

    Vehicle Dynamics

    Portofino M includes the Side Slip Control (SSC), a vehicle dynamics control system that calculates the sideslip angle and provides an algorithm to assist all onboard systems. The SSC coordinates all vehicle dynamics interventions because they are all connected using shared data.

    In its sixth generation, the SSC combines the E-Diff and F1-TCS control systems with SCM-E Frs and Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer. FDE, a lateral dynamics control device that adjusts hydraulic brake pressure at callipers on all four wheels via Ferrari software is called the FDE. Only the Ferrari Portofino M has it. FDE improves predictability and control of the car’s lateral dynamics when entering and exiting corners. It makes the throttle and steering wheel easier to use for the driver. The FDE does not replace the VDC or stability control systems (ESC) and is intended to enhance the car’s lateral dynamics.


    The Portofino M’s engine is more powerful than the Portofino. Therefore, the Ferrari Styling Centre designers made precise changes to emphasize the model’s features and sportiness.

    The car’s wraparound bumpers have sculptural, massive air intakes that give it a bold, aggressive look. The new vents are located at the wheel arch height to reduce drag. The new vents direct part of the airflow from the front radiating mass to the vents. It then accelerates as it exits, increasing its extraction power. A slash at the front bumper flows into the flanks and enhances the aerodynamic performance. This creates visual harmony in the car’s side view. The Ferrari Portofino M’s front bumper features the iconic Portofino side scallop, which has been sculpted to emphasize the car’s dynamic profile.


    The Portofino M’s GT soul is revealed when the top is down. Passengers will be amazed at how compact and natural the vehicle feels. The cabin has a remarkable design coherence. The Styling Centre team started by identifying the key requirements that were essential to the design’s success. These included formal and functional coherency between the car’s exterior, interior, weight reduction, increased occupant space, and weight reduction.

    Interior design started with a multi-level dashboard structure consisting of an upper and an intermediate gap. This was to reduce the perceived mass of its lower half.


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