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    Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van Specification & Rate


    Model / Features :
    • Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van
    Seating Capacity : 2/TEMPERATURE UPTO -18 DEGREES
    Fuel Type : Diesel
    Auto/Manual : Auto

    Refrigerated 1 Ton Van Rental Rates:

    Rate 1 : $160 per day including 10% GST + 200 Kms/day allowance based on a daily rate
    Rate 2 : $730 per week (7 days) including 10% GST + 1000 Kms/week allowance based on a minimum 1 month contract
    Rate 3 : $700 per week including 10% GST + 1000 Kms/week allowance based on a minimum 3 months contract

    Refrigeration vans are essential for business owners to deliver delicate and perishable goods to distant places. They can earn attractive profits by purchasing items from low-priced locations to selling in faraway locations at higher prices. Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van is their high-tech cooling solution available at low rentals with us.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Melbourne Van Rental, we carry respect in the van rental market due to our honest and straightforward approach to dealing with our valued customers. We offer high-tech colling solutions in the shape of refrigerated vans but in a way that suits the traders and makes them happy. Our long clientele is testimony to our satisfactory rental services to business owners who wish to despatch food and other delicate items to faraway places across Australia.

    Here is why you should choose our van rentals:

    Easy rentals

    We have knowingly kept our van rental rates down to the easy budgetary reach of our loyal customers who need to save a lot on transportation costs. So, our low rentals are your way to earn more profits.

    Transparent deals

    With us, you are doubly assured of complete transparency in signing a deal. We do not involve any hidden fees; you pay what you signed for in the deal when you hire a ute in Melbourne with us.

    Minimum damage compensation

    You will only pay a minimum compensation in case the van is accidentally damaged or stolen.

    Get instant support.

    Our dedicated support staff is ever-willing to help you escape any trouble related to your travel and the van. All you do is to either phone us or send an email with details.

    About Refrigerated Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van

    Our Refrigerated Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van comes in a new attractive and trendy shape that you will feel like driving with pride. It has plenty of space for safe and secure storage of your perishable food and other items you wish to deliver in one go.

    This high-tech van is equipped with the latest cooling system. The Hiace 1-ton van has a refrigerated system that you can easily control. You can set the temperature anywhere from 4°C to -18°C per the cooling requirement of the goods the van carries. This allows you to transport any frozen or chilled items.

    The van comes fitted with the latest security technology to keep the van and the person inside safe during long-distance travel.

    Book instantly

    At Melbourne Van Rental, you can book Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van for rent right away without any hassles involved. We have eliminated all those time-consuming lengthy forms you were supposed to fill. Instead, our self-verification instant booking services automatically validate your checkpoints, equipment availability, and space.

    Our Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van rental rates

    At Melbourne Van Rentals, we have made it inevitable that our loyal clients hire our refrigerated vans at the cheapest possible rates in the market. By hiring our Refrigerated HiAce New Shape 1 Ton Van, your profit margin will surely go further up as the low rentals will help save you on your overall transportation costs. Here are the short-term and long-term renal rates for this van.


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