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    Toyota Hiace New Shape LWB 1 Ton Van Specification & Rate


    Model:Toyota Hiace New Shape LWB 1 Ton Van
    Seating Capacity:2 Seater
    Fuel Type:Diesel

    LWB 1 Ton Van Rental Rates:

    Rate 1:$100 day, including 10% GST + 100 Kms/day allowance based on a daily rate
    Rate 2:$410 per week, including 10% GST + 1000 Kms/week allowance based on a minimum 3 months contract
    Rate 3:$390 per week, including 10% GST + 1000 Kms/week allowance based on a minimum 6 months contract

    Excellent and Safe Hiace New Shape Hiace LWB Hire and on Rent

    Trustworthy transportation:

    When you want to transport something that needs additional safety and needs more space, you always opt for a van that can be used to carry human resource and your material as per the requirement. In such circumstances, there is always the option of Hiace New Shape Hiace LWB on Rent. With their authorized and trusted driver, you and your partners can all enjoy their drink. Without the worry to drive, there’s no compelling reason to confine or go without drinking.

    Routes are safer:

    The driver that is in the driver’s seat of your commuter transport is authorized and has the needed expertise. They’ve gone through years in travel and know the best streets and courses to take to guarantee that you reach theirs securely at your desired location. You don’t have any danger of losing your way or taking an inappropriate street when you’ve procured a Hiace New Shape Hiace LWB Hire to assist you with your campaign.

    Secured Stowing Region: 

    New Shape Hiace LWB has a lot of room accessible for your gear. Rather than putting it in the storage compartment and block the driver’s view, there’s load space available on the van to make stowing simpler than at any other time. Regardless of the amount you need to bring along on your journey, it will be sheltered in the storage area of the Van.

    To conclude:

    Irrespective of wherever you travel next, getting a Hiace New Shape Hiace LWB on Rent is always an excellent and safe option.

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