Booking Car Rental

If you are interested in booking a car rental at Melbourne Van Rentals we offer a wide variety of cars for hire in Melbourne.

We make the booking process simple from start to finish, with all our vehicles clearly listed for you to browse through with pricing for each one, simply let us know what you’re after and when you want it, and we will get back to you.

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Not sure which one would be best for you? That’s fine too.

Just contact us with details about what type of car you’re after and we’ll let you know what the best match for you would be. We then make the booking process simple, clearly laying out all charges and everything expected from you when booking the car rental. This means there are no unexpected fees allowing you to have peace of mind with booking confirmation, knowing that you’re speaking to a real person who can answer any and all questions you may have. Whether it’s a sedan or hatchback, small or large, budget or luxury, we have the range you need for booking your next car hire. Contact us for more details about the cars we offer to book a car today.