Refrigerated Vans

Melbourne Van Rental has a fleet of 1 Ton and 2 Ton refrigerated vans that provide nearly six to 12 cubic meters of refrigerated space. In our fleet, we have freezer vans of top automobile brands such as Ford Transit, Toyota HiAce, and Toyota Hilux. We have these in new shapes and old shapes. By renting these refrigerated vans from us, you will receive the benefits of the best van rental cost, adjustable refrigeration units, controls to regulate & monitor temperature, and outstanding van insulation. These vans have large access doors that allow the simple loading and unloading of temperature-sensitive goods. All these features are instrumental in enhancing the refrigeration capabilities along with reducing your fuel costs.

The rental and hire refrigerated vans are provided with roadside assistance which ascertains that the problems, if any, occur during your rental, are sorted out in a stress-free and fast way. With Melbourne Van Rental, this facility is available for free cost, because of which we receive repeat rental orders from our customers.

We are offering a wide range of refrigerated vans that are Australian owned and operated. These will fulfil all your business needs of transporting products that require maintaining a specific low temperature to ensure their finest quality.

Check out the 1 Ton and 2 Ton refrigerated vans offered on rent by Melbourne Van Rental