Van / Car and Refrigerated Vans Rental, Melbourne

Refrigerated transportation is an essential indispensable part of the catering, retail and science industries. The majority of people rely on refrigerated vehicles to distribute chilled food items, fresh stocks, food ingredients, and medications in perfect conditions and in a secure and hygienic way. The fridge van rental offers a flexible solution for temporary chiller van needs.

Melbourne Van Rentals respect this and offer refrigerated vans that are insulated and outfitted professionally, with high-quality chiller units. Prior to every hire, the chiller compartment in the load is cleaned hygienically.

We currently have:

The majority of van refrigeration systems only work with the engine running. However, Standby permits the user to pre-cool the space for loading as well as to use the vehicle to store chilled items that are powered by single-phase mains electricity or a generator. This makes standby an essential feature for clients such as catering services and event bars, festivals galas, fetes and festivals.

Our team is ready to help you find the ideal commercial vehicle rent for your requirements If you’d wish to speak with us about your needs with us, give us an immediate call at the number +61 450-747-874 or fill out our easy email form for an inquiry to get a phone call.

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